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Gamification with GamiPress and MyCred

GamiPress and MyCred are prominent figures in gamification, providing solutions for seamlessly integrating game mechanics into websites. These plugins offer a range of distinctive features, customizable options, and user-friendly interfaces to effectively meet various needs and preferences. In this blog post, we conduct a comparative analysis of GamiPress and MyCred.

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Gamification with GamiPress & MyCred

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Important note:

That this is my own opinion and i do not claim to be correct in all respects.

Important note:

That this is my own opinion and i do not claim to be correct in all respects.

Gamification aims to modify user behaviour more successfully and maintain long-term engagement. It goes beyond learning through competition and challenges. GamiPress or myCred are perhaps your finest options if you’re seeking the greatest WordPress gamification plugin for your website.

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What do you think, then? Which choice is the best for you?

We have previously covered the importance of gamification. Since we have seen there’s a lot of Google searches relating to Gamipress and myCred, I thought it would be great to compare these two plugins in detail.

For the last couple of years, I have worked on different projects using GamiPress as well as myCred as a plugin. Before I chose any of them, I spent a lot of time considering the available plugins. In this post, I am going to list a few reasons which you may find useful if you’re building a gamified website.

Gamification with GamiPress

Shortly, i’ll compare gamipress with myCred’s features, pricing, add-on availability, development, documentation, support and other factors to decide which plugin is better.

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PricingFree (Core Plugin)Free (Core Plugin)
Active installations10000+10000+
Supported WordPress version4.4 or Higher4.8 or Higher
Tested up to6.56.4.3
Supported PHP version7.4 or Higher7.0 or Higher
Supported languages105

Ease of installation & configuration

The simplicity of installation is the first stage. You must carefully select a plugin that is simple to install and configure. Therefore, the plugin page in the WordPress admin panel can be used to install either myCred or GamiPress. The plugin can be easily installed and configured without taking any further procedures.

Add-On availability

According to the number of FREE and paid plugins, myCred has 82 add-ons available, compared to GamiPress’s 134 add-ons. Additionally, extensions tend to be quite similar in nature, making it difficult to compare them just on the basis of their functionalities.

Therefore, when it comes to the additions, the numbers enable us to choose one of them.

Development execution

Since myCred and GamiPress are both enormous companies that were created with the help of professionals. It serves no purpose to compare the stages of development for these two gamification plugins. Choosing one is difficult because of the spectacular development process. However, it’s important to evaluate the requirements first and then choose the option that most closely fits your demands.

Documentation execution

GamiPress and myCred both have wonderful documentation, and I have found both the plugins quite better and simplified. This is because both the team has explained in detail almost all available public functions. Even functions for available add-ons are documented in detail. GamiPress on the other hand has almost slightly better documentation for functions and hooks.


Gamification is perhaps the most effective, user-friendly, and easily applied on your WordPress website when using these plugins. However, it also provides some remarkable capabilities to raise user engagement while also driving a ton of traffic to your website. Therefore, you must acquire one of these WordPress gamification plugins to make your website a captivating and user-engaging gamification site. According to the previous conversation, when it comes to improved scalability, numerous add-ons compatibility, and vice versa, GamiPress is at the forefront.


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