mycred customization

myCred customization provides bundle of features to build your site at its full potential!
This plugin offers limitless possibilities of point-based features which can make your website stand out. You can set up a site with the functionality that is ideal for you. Our developers will be happy to use their expertise and help you gamify your WordPress site.

Let’s gamify your site today!

Glance at Features of myCred

myCRED customization and myCRED WordPress is a feature-rich plugin that simplifies the process of setting up loyalty and reward points program for WordPress websites. Popular features include:

Point Balances:
Each user can have a distinct point balance. Website owners can use shortcodes and/or widgets to display the balance on appropriate locations.

Account History:
Every transaction in the points balance is logged to ensure complete transparency and allow for enforcing limits. Users can view this history through on-page widgets.

Automatic Points:
These are the perfect ‘hook’ for retaining the customers. These points are rewarded automatically for simple actions such as interacting with your website content or downloading a third-party plugin.

The plugin can be fully customized for your own scheme of points reward and management via built-in and premium add-ons. In addition, if you need a custom feature, you can submit the request via the myCRED website.

Code snippets:
myCRED offers custom code snippets for different pages that can help you engage your visitors.


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