gamipress customization

Do you want to create an engaging site for your users?
LDninjas has been working actively with different gamification plugins, and bringing business on others’ site, and the solution they need. GamiPress helps you to engage your users in the activities at your site and awarding them (points, badges, ranks) and displaying them on the leaderboard that shows them where they stand relative to their peers.

Understanding digital rewards in GamiPress Customization

In order to incentivize users and encourage them to engage with your site, you’ll need to offer them something to work towards. GamiPress customization enables you to create three types of digital rewards – points, achievements, and ranks. Each can be further broken down into multiple custom “types”.

You can combine rewards and types in any way you want to create your own unique Combination.

You can set up a site with the functionality that is ideal for you.
Our developers will be happy to use their expertise and help you gamify your WordPress site.


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