Why Gamification is So Important?

Why gamification is so important?

Gamification is 75% psychology and 25% technology

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Gamification – Massive Change in LMS

Gamification is the preferred training methodology that increases the appeal of learning processes, innovation, fun, productivity, the ability to retain knowledge and acquire new skills. This technique consists of using thought and game techniques in non-entertainment settings, such as education.

In a general perspective, gamification is simply about badges, points and ranking system, great for start-ups and hot new tech companies but not useful for everyday marketers, but it’s not exactly true. Anyhow gamification absolutely stands far ahead to meet your today’s demand; for any learning management system, e-commerce, or community sites. 

Gamification Concept

Badges and Points Effects

Many games use badges for visualization of achievement and successful completion of goals. Gamification uses badges to motivate users to behave in certain ways. You can award badges for accomplishing specific goals and targets or to celebrate long-term engagements and loyalty to the given tasks.

Rank Revolution Effects

The ranking system helps to keep users (students) motivated and engaged during the gamification process.

Leaderboards are arguably the best way to visually show rankings, as they provide top scores up to the minute and are helpful for following up and giving live feedback to participants upon every assigned task.

Award Ranks through Gamification

Leaderboard Effects

The purpose of a leaderboard is to show users where they rank in a gamified system. Those at the top enjoy the fame it brings; as for everyone else, the leaderboard shows them where they stand relative to their peers. For some of the mere sight of their rank on the leaderboard is all the reward they seek.

GamiPress Awards

More than badges and points

Although badges and points feature they’re not actually the point, they’re just tools that build a person’s reputation within a space.

So, badges and pointact as a powerful goal-setting device on the Academy LMS. They guide your learners’ interaction with the platform and motivate their progression through training content. This feeds learners’ collector spirit, spurring them on to engage with the LMS and training.


Finally, it is clear by every aspect that the gamification builds interest among the participants (students) to interact and engage themselves more for the productive learning career and persuasive knowledge.

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