Woocommerce vs Easy Digital Downloads

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WooCommerce Vs Easy Digital Downloads

Are you going to be a WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads User for your E-Commerce Store?

Yes??? What if, I share some useful experiences that can help you to go ahead with anyone of them.

Note: This Blog Will Assist You To Choose Between WooCommerce And Easy Digital Downloads According To Your Requirements.

Well, both the plugins are the market leader and the most popular options in WordPress that can confuse you a bit, what to choose for your E-Commerce store. You can actually use each of them to sell both physical and digital products.

In a nutshell, the Woocommerce Plugin was basically built to sell physical products that need shipment and Easy Digital Downloads was built for digital products like e-books, software licensees and themes, etc. But from time to time both the plugins were updated and offered to sell all kinds of products and services.
It is true that Easy Digital downloads is capable of listing digital products efficiently.


Well, the real situation is not that much complicated, so keep reading to see a deeper glance at each platform.

Active Installations
5 million +50,000+
Supported WordPress Version
5.8 or higher4.9 or higher
Supported PHP Version
7.2 or higher5.6 or higher
Supported Languages

You should consider a few things before you make any choice:

  • What is the primary selling focus of your eCommerce store — physical or digital?
  • If it is digital, do you expect to expand your offerings in the future vice versa?
  • If yes to the above, then perhaps WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads both can be the best choice.

If you’re selling your products worldwide and would like to have maximum customers then these plugins are really useful to sell your products easily having multiple features at your E-Commerce Store.

Theme Compatibility

Your online store must have an eye-catching theme design to hold the visitor on the page for a refreshing experience. Both the plugins offer a wide collection of supported themes for many types of products in your store. And YES!!! You can also develop a customized theme that projects your ideas and creativity to your store.


WooCommerce Supported Themes

Find a list of Woocommerce-supported themes on the given link.

Easy Digital Downloads Supported Themes

Find a list of EDD-supported themes on the given link.

Add-on availability

Both the plugins are enough to start a first online store, but there are a few possible services that you can add to it, for a better user experience at your site. You may stand in need of some extensions for multi purposes mainly to intensify your store.

Payment Gateways

Both the plugins support the World’s leading payment gateways like PayPalStripe, and 2Checkout etc. You may find a lot of other payment gateways for the plugin. Let’s find it out.

WooCommerce Supported Payment Gateways

Find a list of Woocommerce supported gateways on the given link.

Easy Digital Downloads Supported Payment Gateways

Find a list of EDD supported gateways on the given link.

Performance Comparison

It’s been usually seen that Google loves the fast loading speed of websites, and prefer the sites with better speed on search engine results.

We have tested both of the plugins with maximum optimizations, and we came to know that Easy digital download is more oriented to performance as this is simpler and lighter than Woocommerce. It doesn’t mean that the WooCommerce is leggy and slow like a tortoise.

It actually depends upon your Server, Database Size and Product Listing that imparts a vital role to web performance. However, Proper optimization can help you achieve maximum speed for both the plugins.

Features Comparison

EDD or Woocommerce Difference
Sell Physical & Digital Products Yes Yes
Theme Availability Yes Yes
Extension/Add-on Availability Yes Yes
Payment Gateways 65+ 10+
Coupons Addition Yes Yes
Customer Account Creation Yes Yes
Add Sale Prices Yes Yes (with Paid Add-on)
Official Extensions 500+ 90+


Let’s take a look at the WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads security comparison. Security should be your primary concern when it comes to an E-Commerce store.
Both the plugins have been developed according to the coding standards of WordPress that resist securing your site.

Here are some tips to have a good grip on your safety:

• Don’t use cracked themes or plugins, most of them have backdoors, and you can lose your payments.

• Don’t use cheap hosting, they can encounter DDoS attacks, and that can cost you thousands of dollars of business.

• Take regular security checks to make sure that there is no backdoor to hack your store.


I think it’s quite tough to decide which is the better plugin for an E-Commerce store, WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads. Both the plugins are exceptionally well-made that make your E-Commerce store progressive.
I would recommend if you have more physical products than digital ones, you should go with WooCommerce.
But if you intend to have a lightweight plugin and want to sell more digital products, you should go with Easy Digital Downloads.

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