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myCred customization provides bundle of features to build your site at its full potential!
This plugin offers limitless possibilities of point-based features which can make your website stand out. You can set up a site with the functionality that is ideal for you. Our developers will be happy to use their expertise and help you gamify your WordPress site.

Understanding Digital Rewards In myCred Customization

If you want people to interact with your website, you must provide them with something to work for. With myCred customisation, you may also create digital awards in the form of points, achievements, and ranks. Each may be further broken down into a number of unique “types.”

You may get designed your own special Combination by combining rewards and kinds in any manner you choose and get set up a website with the features that are most useful to you.

myCred Configuration

To assist you in setting up your site according to your needs, we provide myCred setup / configuration services. We have the tools necessary to handle everything, from a little adjustment to a whole overhaul changes for your website.

myCred Customization

Open-source plugin myCred provides all of its functionality in a neat packaging. The knowledgeable developers at LDninjas will assist you in unlocking every aspect of the customisation feature so you can use it to its utmost potential and design an interesting website for you.

myCred Consultation

We are not simply developers; we are myCred Development Ninjas, as demonstrated by the community of happy clients who are prepared to speak highly about us. In order to give you the trustworthy guidance you want, we completely comprehend myCred.

We Have Great Answers

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Yes, we provide myCred customization services.

Yes, we charge $60/hour and it’s our standard rate.

Yes, we develop custom add-ons for myCred as well as GamiPress, Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and AffiliateWP.

Yes, we do offer myCred consultation.

Before we start any project, we charge 50% upfront payment unless the project is accomplished you wait to pay the rest of the payment.

Please contact us within 15 days of purchase, we will ask you a few questions before refund.
1) Please tell us, how the add-on fails to perform its duty? What are the things that restrict you to enjoy the features of the add-on?
2) Please give us a chance to help you first with the feature not working for you.

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