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 Keep Users Engaged: 7 Email Notification Strategies That Work

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Maintaining User Engagement

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Maintaining User Engagement

Have you explored the potential of using email to proactively connect with your users and create a more meaningful relationship?

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Absolutely! Email marketing offers immense potential for proactively connecting with users and cultivating meaningful relationships. According to an Email Statistics report, it is expected that over 4.48 billion people worldwide will be using email by 2024. That’s a 3% increase from the year before and more than half of the world’s population. Experts predict this number will keep going up, reaching 4.59 billion in 2025 and 4.73 billion in 2026, with a further increase to 4.84 billion by 2027.
Your online business can gain a lot from utilizing email marketing tactics. These benefits include building client relationships, increasing website traffic, raising brand awareness, and eventually increasing sales and revenue.
To create a more meaningful relationship with your users through email, it’s crucial to go beyond basic personalization and segmentation. By employing effective email marketing techniques, you can reach a massive audience and establish a strong connection.

Without wasting any more time, let’s delve into a few strategies right away.

Utilize Enticing Incentives to Grow Your Email Subscriber Base

The initial step in running a successful email campaign is to establish a robust and legitimate email list. To encourage user engagement and cultivate a healthy email list, consider implementing innovative campaigns and compelling offers. For instance,

  • You can offer enticing gift vouchers that capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to provide their email addresses.
  • Additionally, incorporating gamification elements can make the product experience more enjoyable.
  • If you have a Saas product that relies on users completing certain actions, rewarding them with tokens or exclusive virtual rewards like a new avatar ‘skin’ can signify their progress and achievement.
  • Providing benefits to users who demonstrate higher engagement levels can be advantageous. For instance, LinkedIn displays a progress bar indicating the strength of a user’s profile, thereby encouraging them to complete it. Moreover, LinkedIn motivates users to upgrade to the paid version by highlighting the number of profile views they have received, without disclosing the identities of the viewers for free users.
  • Recognizing and congratulating your most active users for their regular product usage or reaching specific milestones can also be an effective engagement strategy.

Regularly Review and Update Your Email Lists for Optimal Performance

Sending inappropriate or irrelevant emails leads to low open rates, which negatively impact your IP reputation. Therefore, it’s crucial to be selective and only send emails to those who are likely to open and engage with them.

To protect your IP reputation and increase the chances of your emails being opened, it’s important to regularly assess and improve your email lists. Many inexperienced email marketers make the mistake of sending their newsletters to a large number of people without considering their relevance. However, this can harm your IP reputation.

Review and verify your email list every 6-12 months to ensure its quality. This process, called email list scrubbing, helps you keep the addresses with high open rates and remove those that don’t perform well. Additionally, proactively getting rid of disposable email addresses also helps maintain engagement levels and makes your email campaigns more effective.

Personalize your Email

Implementing a hyper-personalized and micro-segmented campaign can have a significant positive impact on your business. By creating targeted segments that capture user preferences and behaviors, you can tailor your email communications to address their specific needs and concerns effectively

Conduct Thorough Research on User Personas:

This research helps you understand the roles your users play within their organizations, their goals, and the obstacles they face in achieving those goals. Armed with this knowledge, you can craft personalized emails that resonate with their unique situations and provide meaningful solutions.

Use Targeted Approach:

It’s essential to adjust the content you offer based on the user’s journey on your website. By analyzing the keywords users search for, you can guide them to different landing pages with content specifically designed for different user personas. This targeted approach ensures that users receive relevant and valuable information that aligns with their specific interests and needs

Deep links

Deep linking is an excellent approach for re-engaging users, particularly in situations where there is a high bounce rate or incomplete registration.

Let’s see, how it functions:

  • Begin by sending users an email or notification containing a deep link
  • The deep link’s resource is utilized to identify the user’s operating system.
  • This customized screen may include enticing incentives such as additional promotions or discounts.

Overall, deep linking provides a straightforward and cost-effective method to encourage greater user involvement with your platform or service.

Timely Delivery of Notifications

In the event of technical difficulties on your website or services, it is important to proactively notify your users as soon as possible. Prompt communication and assurance of a forthcoming solution are valued by users. Likewise, it is advisable to inform your customers or subscribers in advance regarding any upcoming changes that may impact the products or benefits they receive from you. For instance, if there is a supply chain issue causing a shipping delay in their order, informing and enabling them to make necessary alternate arrangements. Your customers will appreciate the honesty and transparency demonstrated through such communication.

Invite For Reviews

One key aspect is ensuring that users understand the impact their feedback can have in improving the product. Receiving feedback from genuine users presents a valuable opportunity to rectify mistakes and identify areas for growth. When seeking input from users, it is beneficial to be specific and ask for feedback after they have completed a targeted action. This could include finishing a level, downloading content, or making a purchase.

By emphasizing this, users are more likely to engage in providing constructive feedback rather than resorting to negative online reviews. Offering users a direct line of communication to resolve any issues they may encounter further enhances this strategy.

Value The Feedback You Received

Having a systematic approach in place is crucial when it comes to acknowledging and acting upon user feedback for your product or service. It is essential to demonstrate to your users that their opinions are valued and that steps are being taken to address their concerns.

Acknowledge and Appreciate:

When users provide feedback on your product or service, it is crucial to acknowledge their opinions promptly. Send an immediate message, either through email or within your app or website, expressing gratitude for their contribution and informing them about the next steps

Address Specific Concerns:

If a user has reported a complaint or identified a bug, clearly communicate your plan of action. Inform them that their comments have been shared with the development team, who are actively investigating the issue.

Close the Loop:

Follow up with the user one final time to provide closure. Notify them that the reported issue has been resolved or fixed. This closing communication ensures that the user is aware of the outcome and reinforces the message that their feedback was instrumental in making necessary improvements.


By designing and implementing effective user engagement strategies, you can prioritize what matters most to your users and keep them delighted. Remember, retaining existing users is more cost-effective than constantly attracting new ones, making it a smarter way to grow your business.


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