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In terms of having an effective LMS feature, LDninjas presents Custom Tabs for LearnDash and it is significantly considerable. LearnDash Custom Tab plugin extends LearnDash to allow the admin to add custom tabs to courses, lessons, topics, quizzes and groups. These tabs are displayed on the individual course, lesson, topic, quiz and group pages to the right of the default tab’s layout after the material’s tab.
Content of learndash tabs can be managed from the LearnDash single edit screens.
Meanwhile, the tabs can be easily added, deleted, and rearranged from global settings for a course, lesson, topic, quiz and group edit windows individually.
Tab content areas use the standard WordPress text editor and may contain text, images, HTML, or shortcodes.

Note: LearnDash Custom Tabs plugin only support LearnDash 3.0 so, avoid using the legacy templates.

Watch complete details through this video:


  • Option to add custom tabs for courses/lessons/topics/quizzes and groups.
  • Allows you to display selected tabs on different courses/lessons/topics/quizzes and groups.
  • Option to add custom icons with each tab.
  • Option to add HTML, media ( images & videos ) and shortcodes to the tab contents.
  • Option to hide custom tabs for logged out users.
  • Option to display custom tabs for only students enrolled to the course.
  • Option to display parent tabs to the related posts, for example, you can display course tabs on lessons/topics and quizzes.
  • Option to re-order custom tabs on front-end.
  • Option to have font-awesome icons with tabs.
  • Options to have dashicons with tabs.

Helps you with

  • Displaying custom instructions regarding the course to the enrolled users.
  • Displaying reviews of courses to the enrolled users.
  • Displaying hints/points that will help the students to complete the course.
  • Displaying other enrolled students.
  • Increasing engagement of students to the course by displaying them rewards/achievements if they complete it successfully.
  • Displaying teacher’s comments to the course.



We realise the importance of a high-quality product supported by attentive customer service; we’re here to answer any of your questions and help you get the most out of our plugin. You can contact us here.

Custom Tabs for LearnDash

Add your desired tab for more facilitation…

A license entitles you to 1 year of updates and support. Each installation of the add-on will require a license key in order for you to receive updates and support.

Purchasing this add-on confirms you to be notified with the future updates..

Plugin Information

Plugin Version: 1.13
Last updated: 17th August 2023


LD Version: 3.0 or higher
Tested up to: 6.3
PHP Version: 7.0 or above

We Have Great Answers

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No, we don’t have any free version at the moment.

Contact us here to report any type of issue, we will resolve it on our first priority.

You can find the detailed documentation here.

Yes, the add-on is made by following all the WordPress standards and compatible with most themes/plugins.

No, it doesn’t since LearnDash tabs design comes with “3.0 templates“ therefore tabs can be displayed only when using LearnDash “3.0 template“.

Please contact us within 15 days of purchase, we will ask you a few questions before refund.
1) Please tell us, how the add-on fails to perform its duty? What are the things that restrict you to enjoy the features of the add-on?
2) Please give us a chance to help you first with the feature not working for you.

Yes, the add-on has an option to hide the tabs for logged out users.

Yes, the add-on has an option to hide the tabs for the users who are not enrolled to the courses.

Yes, the add-on has an option to add images, videos & shortcodes to the tab content.

Yes, If you are an expert with CSS you can design the tabs as per your mockup otherwise, you can contact us for customization. displayed only when using LearnDash “3.0 template“.

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