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Change Log
Dripfeed Content Extended For LearnDash

The thorough documentation of updates, improvements, and bug fixes reflects our commitment to delivering the best possible customer experience. Check out a detailed overview of the changes made with each version released for the Drip-feed Content Extended for LearnDash.

Version: 1.6  09 June 2023

  • Added link with required lessons/topic/quizzes dripfeed message
  • Displayed runtime counter (remaining time) with the dripfeed message.
  • Text-translation issues.
  • Made compatible with latest version of Learndash and WordPress
  • Updated Freemius version.

Version: 1.5  09 June 2023

  • Added useful information while drip feeding.
  • Made compatible with latest version of Learndash and WordPress.
  • Updated Freemius version.

Version: 1.4  09 June 2023

  • Added option to display the dripped connections while dripping lessons/topics/quizzes.
  • Added the default value for lesson-based fields.
  • Improved the version compare to check for LearnDash 4.2.0.
  • Fixed dripped lesson displaying issue.
  • Fixed drip enable/disable option from the settings page.
  • Fixed message tags.

Version: 1.3  09 June 2023

  • Added lesson based field on lesson dripfeed
  • Added topic based field on topic dripfeed
  • Added quiz based field on quiz dripfeed
  • Added option to dripfeed on group level
  • Added option to add customized restriction message for each post
  • Added new tags to improve restriction messages
  • Made plugin compatible with previous version of LearnDash ( < 4.2.0 )

Version: 1.2  09 June 2023

  • Sanitized the inputs.
  • Updated freemius version.

Version: 1.1  09 June 2023

  • Fixed help text in the topic edit window.
  • Fixed help text in the quiz edit window.

Version: 1.0   09 June 2023