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Are you thinking to sell your services with Easy Digital Downloads?

Yes??? Then you are reading a perfect blog that can help you to have some awareness about it.
Well, there are multiple ways to sell your physical and digital products through an E-Commerce store. You recently must have gone through our blog “WooCommerce Vs Easy Digital Downloads” and also liked it. But today we are going to discuss how to sell your services with Easy Digital Downloads.

If you want to sell services through your website using EDD, such as those you offer as a freelancer, then obviously the options are fewer. However, by using this free Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) E-Commerce plugin and one of its exclusively free extensions, you can quickly and easily start giving your visitors the opportunity to purchase your services online, without showing any redundant information regarding their purchase at checkout.

List of some services you can sell through an E-Commerce store:

You might consider selling services like:

  • Web Designing
  • Development
  • Installation & Configuration
  • Graphics Designing
  • Marketing
  • Writing
  • Teaching
  • Video Editing
  • Training
  • Consulting etc…

Many EDD users sell WordPress plugins, themes, add-ons and offer installation services. Although the sale of these things is instant and doesn’t require the seller to be involved in most cases. But, installation services require that special attention that is given to the customer. And here comes the role of EDD Sell Services!

You can simply use the core EDD plugin to list and sell your services online by using the free Downloads As Services add-on.
Don’t worry! If you are supposed to start selling your services from your WordPress E-Commerce site in a professional manner, having the ability to collect payments at checkout, then keep reading this blog for simple guidelines to use it.


Install Easy Digital Downloads Core Plugin

As we know that the EDD (Downloads As Services) plugin is free to use, it can be installed on your site directly from the WordPress plugin directory.
However, the Easy Digital Downloads core plugin must be installed first.

Install & Activate EDD extension Download As Services

Once Easy Digital Downloads is up and running, it’s time to install and activate this add-on.

Checkmark Download As Service

You can checkmark individual EDD downloads as a service when creating them. Simply locate the Download Settings options box on the individual download screen, and then check the Download As Service box.

Set A Download Image

Just below the Download Settings, you will find an option to set a Download Image that obviously enhances the identification of your service. Along with this, most of the sellers also want feedbacks or reviews about their services to improve them further and to feel successive. If you want to have this feature, Click Here.

You will begin to see the basic functionality of EDD, where if someone clicks on the Purchase button, they get redirected to the Checkout page. If your service does include a downloadable file, such as instructions or promotional material, the download be will made available after checkout.

Selling Service Subscriptions with Easy Digital Downloads

You can install the EDD Recurring Payments extension to take regular payments for your services. This automates the payment for regular services, so you don’t need to worry about taking payment manually against any service.

Upload File or Attachment

There are some services that may require your customer to send you files after the purchase. Therefore, we recommend installing the EDD Upload File extension, if you require this setting. You can then open the extension and specify everything from allowed file extensions to the number of files allowed.


Well, this plugin really doesn’t change the core functionality of the EDD plugin in order to give you the ability to sell services online, it cleans up the customer-facing messages enough to give your website that professional appearance it needs to promote your brand and services.
If you have any questions about selling services online using Easy Digital Downloads, let us know in the comments section below or contact us.

Aamir Hashim

Web Progammer – Author

Aamir Hashim is a professional business developer, web programmer, author and marketing specialist with experience working at WordPress. He fluently speaks English and holds a lot of achievements to work in a challenging era.

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