Password Field on Registration Form

We usually get into wordpress site and don’t get password field registration form but it’s far way easier to access through this code snippet to get it now.

Let’s check how it is working…

Snippet 1: Adding password field to the form

This snippet will help you to add password field to the form.

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Snippet 2: Validating user’s password

The process of validating your password through this code snippet.

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Snippet 3: Saving user’s password

Here this code snippet saves your password to the registration form easily.

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So, All you need to add this code snippet to your theme functions.php file. Or download the plugin and install it on your server to know admin user ID easily.

Farooq Abdullah

Web Developer

Farooq Abdullah is a professional Web Developer having more than 6 years of working experience in different PHP platforms especially WordPress. He is bachelors in computer science and he has also developed many plugins, add-ons and code snippets to facilitate others.

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