How to Start with LearnDash?

Have you ever thought about how you should start with LearnDash for a perfect LMS?

YES??? What if, I share some useful experiences that can help you to choose LearnDash, having some productive themes and plugins that suit your E-Learning platform with the best possible outcome.
Note: This blog will assist you to choose LearnDash as your perfect Learning Management System.

LearnDash is a WordPress plugin that incorporates cutting-edge e-learning techniques. LearnDash is trusted to power learning programs for big institutions, small and mid-size businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs all around the world. It is, nevertheless, critical to be familiar with both LearnDash compatible themes and lucrative plugins.
When it comes to WordPress Learning Management Systems, LearnDash is a well-known option. A major advantage of the plugin is simplified content creation and management; this feature along with seamless integration with several WordPress plugins make LearnDash a top-notch LMS.

Choosing LearnDash is an easy decision to make. However, you aren’t just done yet.
The difficult choice is to pick a theme that best suits your requirements; given the fact that there is a wide range of themes available and most of them are pretty cool. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 5 Best LearnDash Themes to help you experience the perfect theme for your LMS.

1. BuddyBoss for LearnDash

BuddyBoss introduced its LearnDash theme BuddyBoss for LearnDash after the success of Social Learner. This simple and elegant theme is designed to be fully adjustable, allowing you to add your own branding, modify the header and footer, select the theme’s layouts, add custom icons, and even construct your own pages using page builders (like Elementor).
It also includes full support for utilising the LearnDash 3.0 Gutenberg interface to effortlessly construct courses. It also works with all of LearnDash’s features, including gamification, WooCommerce, and Membership. This BuddyBoss theme, like other BuddyBoss themes, emphasises social learning and groups.

2. eLumine

eLumine is the most promising WordPress LMS theme, with modern styles. It’s a learner-focused theme, with layouts that are tailored to make the learning process easier. The beautiful designs are easy to manage and don’t require any adjustment. With Neo layouts, it gives a learning experience that is clean, distraction-free, and enriched for the user. This increases learner engagement and makes your pupils fall in love with the content of your course.
These layouts are specifically designed for the LearnDash course, quiz, and archive pages. Moreover, it is fully compatible with LearnDash 3.0.

3. WP Astra

WP Astra is best defined as a lightweight, fast, and customizable theme for LearnDash. Based on its free theme, the LearnDash extension offers a smooth LMS setup using the LearnDash plugin. The theme integrates with WooCommerce and popular page builders like Elementor.
WP Astra is built by a team that specializes in building user-interface elements and hence offers an elevated user experience.

4. University

A theme whose purpose is quite evident from its name – University. This is an LMS in itself but provides complete LearnDash support. The differentiating factor is the support for events. University allows event creation and management, the sale of event tickets, and sports a cool event calendar along with providing comprehensive course management tools that can be useful for you.

5. Divi

Divi is a multipurpose theme that recently released a LearnDash compatibility package. Divi comes packaged with a real-time editor and multiple content elements to help you build just about anything with ease. Divi is highly customizable allowing you grand control without having the need to code.

These five themes are possibly the best options for you to execute your e-learning platform. In the same way, you should also know the plugins that can benefit you if you want some additional functionalities on your site.

Choosing LearnDash is an easy decision to make. However, you aren’t just done yet.
The difficult choice is to pick a theme that best suits your requirements; given the fact that there is a wide range of themes available and most of them are pretty cool. Don’t worry! We have compiled a list of 5 Best LearnDash Themes to help you experience the perfect theme for your LMS.

LoginPress Plugin by LoginPress has a number of customization options for changing the look of the WordPress login page. You may totally change the appearance and feel of the login page, including the login error messages, forgotten error messages, registration error messages, forget password hint message, and many others.
The LoginPress Plugin will give you and your users the impression that they are on a personalised login page that is integrated into the site’s design.

When speaking of must-have plugins for LearnDash, we can’t leave out the Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit. You can think of this plugin as a general purpose tool that will allow you to do anything you’d want to do in LearnDash but can’t do without a plugin. It’s a simple, must-have solution.
The Uncanny Toolkit for LearnDash adds 16 modules that every elearning site needs, including a login form, login redirect, resume capabilities and more.

Anyone with a smartphone knows just how powerful notifications can be. This plugin for LearnDash, created by the LearnDash team themselves, makes it easy to incorporate notifications into your courses. Your students can be notified when they complete a lesson, pass a quiz, receive a grade, and much more. It’s so simple to add this to your LearnDash site to enjoy notification services.

Although you may think of gamification as a way to keep younger pupils engaged, it works for people of all ages. You can make your courses into games with GamiPress by adding scores, badges, awards, and leaderboards. This is a terrific option for your online classroom if you’re seeking for a method to make your courses more enjoyable.
Going further, gamification is more than learning through competition and challenges – it is about bringing about behavioural changes more effectively and ensuring long-term engagement. For learners, to bring about behavioural changes, they need to practice their skills, and this is where the role of gamification assumes importance. Gamification principles include challenges and rewards, competitions, personalization and levels, which prompt people to get hooked and always come back for more.

LearnDash’s Reset Course Progress streamlines the process of resetting course progress from your WordPress dashboard. With a single click, you may reset course progress for all or selected courses by users, user roles, and groups. This method was not easy prior to the creation of this plugin, but you can now use this free plugin to quickly reset your course progress.

This plugin, as the name implies, allows you to conveniently schedule the courses you’ve prepared. You’ll be able to automate the distribution of your courses this way. Scheduling is as simple as dragging and dropping. You may drag and drop courses onto a built-in calendar, and the courses will be distributed to your learners automatically according to your schedule.
Change the error messages as follows: When your learners try to access the course on a day when it isn’t accessible, you may edit the error message they see.

If Astra doesn’t fit your needs, you don’t need to worry about it! The Design Upgrade plugin from Escape Creative is a feature-packed LearnDash plugin that offers any customization features you could hope for. Fonts, buttons, modern features, animations, login setup, and more are all packed into this one add-on.

The ability to view your courses in a grid is nearly as handy as viewing them in a calendar. LearnDash’s Course Grid add-on makes it simple to do so. It’s a really basic plugin that makes organizing and displaying your courses in a grid structure much easier. If you have a range of course offerings and want to allow consumers to filter them by category, this is a great tool to have.

To sell your courses, you’ll need an eCommerce plugin in addition to a payment gateway. And there’s no better alternative than Easy Digital Downloads when it comes to a shopping cart solution for digital items that work nicely with WordPress.

It has been downloaded over 400,000 times, which should give you a decent idea of how useful it may be for your LearnDash site. To make things even better, it comes with a LearnDash plugin that makes integrating it with your site a breeze.

Simple Course Mapping:
Simply create a product in EDD and map it to one of your courses by ticking a box and selecting your course from a dropdown menu.

Associate Multiple Courses:
Associating numerous courses with a single product allows you to construct products that are “packages” of courses that are tied to one another.

Automatic Enrollment:
After a successful purchase, there is no need to enroll the users. EDD automatically enrolls them in related courses.

Stripe is one of the most popular payment processors on the internet, providing a universal solution for securely receiving payments. Stripe is a must-have for your site if you want to charge for your courses. Stripe takes a portion of every transaction, but it’s free to implement. However, in exchange for that amount, you receive an all-in-one payment system that is simple to use and includes a variety of useful reporting tools.


Do you know why LearnDash is getting increasingly well-known?
Because WordPress and LearnDash have a basic yet straightforward user interface, managing practically every aspect of your site is a breeze. I believe that this piece of writing will be quite beneficial to you if you are ready to begin using LearnDash, which comes with a plethora of useful add-ons and themes that may make your site shine.

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