Gamification with GamiPress & myCred

We have previously covered the importance of gamification. Since we have seen there’s a lot of Google searches relating to Gamipress and myCred, I thought it would be great to compare these two plugins in detail.

For the last couple of years, I have worked on different projects using GamiPress as well as myCred as a plugin. Before I chose any of them, I spent a lot of time considering the available plugins. In this post, I am going to list a few reasons which you may find useful if you’re building a gamified website.

  1. Ease of Configuration

Both myCred and GamiPress can be configured easily in your site for gamification. No difficult steps are necessary for its configuration so, it sounds good for both.

  1. Development & User Support

While both of the plugins are currently actively developed, but users usually seek for support through different platforms especially at their official site. People drop their queries for better understanding of plugin and its solutions. But it has been seen that GamiPress developer Ruben makes more frequent comments than myCred, and it takes GamiPress a bit higher.

  1. Documentation Execution

GamiPress and myCred both have wonderful documentation, and I have found both the plugins quite better and simplified. This is because both the team has explained in detail almost all available public functions. Even functions for available add-ons are documented in detail. GamiPress on the other hand has almost slightly better documentation for functions and hooks.

  1. Add-on Collection & Features

Both the plugins come with plenty of different add-ons, which do the job for most websites. From Ranks to Badges to Notifications, you name it. There are plenty of add-ons available in GamiPress as well as myCred, but GamiPress has a huge collection of free integration add-ons than myCred (both are free and premium too). It also offers free add-ons with third-party integration too.

GamiPress Add-ons:

MyCred Add-ons:


While I tried to be as impartial as I can be, I may be going towards GamiPress since I used this in a recent project. Also, please note that this is my own opinion and I do not claim to be correct in all respects. However, if you have a complex project that demands lots of customization on the part of the developer, myCred may be your best bet.

Aamir Hashim

Web Programmer – Author

Aamir Hashim is a professional business developer, web programmer, author and marketing specialist with experience working at WordPress. He fluently speaks English and holds a lot of achievements to work in a challenging era.

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