Gamification is not the same as games; whereas games are intended for entertainment, WordPress gamification is an educational method designed to improve engagement, motivation, and participation. Gamification is the introduction of gaming methods to an existing website, corporate programme, or online community, such as point scoring, competitive elements, rules of play, and so on. Gamification is an important feature of any learning or training programme since it simplifies learning and makes it more immersive and engaging through active involvement and observation.

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Gamification – The Transformation of LMS

Going further, WordPress gamification is more than learning through competition and challenges – it is about bringing about behavioural changes more effectively and ensuring long-term engagement. For learners, to bring about behavioural changes, they need to practice their skills, and this is where the role of gamification assumes importance. Gamification principles include challenges and rewards, competitions, personalization and levels, which prompt people to get hooked and always come back for more.

WordPress Gamification Services

We offer configuration, customization and consultation for gamification for sites based on LMS, Membership, E-Commerce etc. You can use our code snippets to make your LMS far more productive if you have a basic understanding of WordPress development.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we charge $40/hour and it’s our standard rate.

Yes, we do offer it.

Yes, we also work on other gamification plugins.

Yes, we can gamify your WordPress site, fill up our contact us form with your requirement.

Yes, please schedule a call with our representative through contact form.

Before we start any project, we charge 50% upfront payment unless the project is accomplished you wait to pay rest of the payment.

Yes, we do offer gamipress customization to make it far more compatible with LearnDash.

Yes, we do offer myCRED configuration & customization.

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